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• Actuators

• Bearings – Babbitt-lined & steel-ball

• Condensate Traps

• Diffusers & Diffuser Covers

• IGV (Inlet Guide Vane) Valves
– IGV Info Sheet – View PDF
– 12 In IGV
– 16 In IGV
– 5 In – 20 In range

• Butterfly Inlet Valves

• Check & Bypass Valves

• Oil Pumps

• Overhaul Kits

• Positioners

• Pressure Transmitters

• Probes, Cables, Transmitters for vibration monitoring

• RTD Transmitters

• Rotor Assemblies – Impellers, pinions, & thrust collars

• Seals – Non-contact carbon ring & labyrinth seals



ACE has a large inventory of new cooler units in all major frame sizes available and ready to ship. We offer bundle-style and cartridge coolers, new gaskets, & new shrouds. Cooler CTR (clean, test, & repair) services allow you a replacement alternative.

Contact 866-383-0016 for more info

Largest inventory of Centac coolers. 0CV-5cII (some 4-5 deep).  AC centrifugal and ZH coolers as well.

Cooler Information – View PDF

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The Patriot Controller is a plug and play version that will work in place on almost any standard controller such as the Elecktronikon, CMC, MP3, Quad 2000, and most any modern controller.  It will handle any centrifugal compressor as well as Atlas Copco oil free screw compressors.

Options Available: 

• Patriot Plus : A complete controller including a new enclosure

• Patriot Commander : The master controller

• Patriot Pro : *** COMING SOON *** Drop in replacement for the Elektronikons used on small Atlas oil free screw compressors.

elektronikon | ace compressor services


• New – Allen Bradley-based & Siemens-based PLC controls offer the benefits of load-sharing and supervisory panels.

• Remanufactured Boards-CMC, MP3, QUAD2000, Bently Nevada 5000 & 9000, Atlas Copco® Elektronikons.

• Retrofit-We can support older controls by reusing hardware in existing cabinets and wiring them with updated PLC & software.

• We also repair existing OEM controls.

elektronikon | ace compressor services


  • Deviation from Surge Point, developed by and exclusively found on the ACE Compressor Patriot Controller, will provide the most efficient operation of a centrifugal compressor in the constant pressure (throttle) mode
  • Dual Valve operating feature to assure the most constant pressure even during widely fluctuating compressed air loads in the system
  • Surge Recognition feature will open the inlet valve, open the bypass valve approximately fifty (50) percent to allow the compressor to remain in the system and then resume normal operation when the event that caused the surge is eliminated.
  • Surge Increment will automatically adjust the throttle limit (point at which the bypass valve opens) and then automatically reloads the compressor.
  • Allen-Bradley Panelview 10” color touch screen interface for easy operation, and viewing, is standard.
  • All of the alarms, dated and timed stamped, will be logged on the Patriot Controller, accessible through the HMI to allow for simple troubleshooting and easy maintenance.
  • Typical 3% – 5% power savings
elektronikon | ace compressor services
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• Demister elements

• Filters – Air & Oil

• Gaskets

• O’Rings

• Lubricants

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