Here at ACE, service is paramount.  With over 450 years of experience, ACE service technicians are considered elite in the field of compressed air.  When you call,

you can trust that a knowledgeable, skilled individual is on his way.  In fact, many of our customers request the same guys for return service!  

Whether you need a lead technician or a service crew, ACE is there to support your compressed air needs. 

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At ACE, we like to provide options.  Whether its on sight or at our facility, we pride ourselves in getting your machine back up and running.  Through our extensive inspection and repair processes, we bring your machine back to the OEM specifications for like new performance.  Our overhauls are assembled by ACE skilled technicians and verified correct through a documented process to ensure the highest quality every time.  Each overhaul carries a full one (1) year warranty so you can rest easy knowing that the machine will provide trouble free service.

Rental Units:

Expanding our services to continually meet the needs of our customers, ACE offers compressed air in a rental capacity.  Available onsite within 24 hours, ACE can respond at a moment’s notice providing compressed air to keep your plant productive. With startup service and training included, you can be assured that we’ll get you up and running as quickly as possible. Available for emergency, short term, or long term situations, ACE has the option you need. Read More

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Repair Work:

Here at ACE, we offer many repair options to worn componentry that has stood the test of time.  Damage to your internal parts doesn’t necessarily mean replacement with us.  Many times we can repair the component to a like new condition. Always ensuring the highest quality, all ACE repairs meet or exceed the OEM specifications giving a repair that will last.

Damaged o’ring groove? We can sleeve it.

Grooved pinion journals? We can chrome it.

Wrecked impeller?  We can rebuild it.

When you look at replacement lead times, utilizing a repair option can get your equipment back on line in a fraction of the time.  Don’t rule out a repair until you have talked to us.

• RAD Reports – Analysis of necessary repairs on photographs of your machinery to supplement quotes

• Cooler CTR – Services performed in house, chemical deposit removal from water and air sides, hydro-testing with water vs. air, TPS reports (an in-depth cooler analysis), tube expansion method of re-sealing, green chemical baths. Email for CTR needs.

Compressor Parts | Repair Work | Compressor Services
Compressor parts | Repair |Compressor Services

Lifetime Warranty on All Cooler Barrels:

Lifetime Warranty:
ACE offers a lifetime warranty on all cooler barrels sleeved to ACE standards.  This covers any repairs needed or replacement of the barrel with a similar sleeved unit as long as you own the unit.

Superior Performance:
With ACE Compressor, you will get a barrel sleeve superior to others in the market.

We provide a wider two part stainless steel sleeve that covers the Waffle Gasket area and H2O In Port, as well as a sleeve to cover the Center tube O-Ring Area.

The wider band prevents erosion from water getting behind the sleeve as you might see from smaller sleeving repairs, thus maximizing the  life of you cooler barrel.

For more details, contact a Customer Service Manager at 866-383-0016.

Compressor Parts | Lifetime Warranty | Compressor Services
Compressor Parts | Lifetime Warranty | Compressor Services

Air-end Exchanges:

When downtime is an issue, an ACE replacement air end exchange is often the answer.  Utilizing our engineering group, ACE will design the air end to meet your requirements ensuring you get the compressor performance you need.  Many times, either remanufactured or new internal components can be provided – just let us know.  As with our overhauls, our air end exchanges are assembled by ACE skilled technicians and verified correct through a documented process to ensure the highest quality every time.  Each air end exchange carries a full one (1) year warranty. When your plant can’t support a typical overhaul timeframe, we have you covered.

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Complete Machines:

Need a low cost alternative to the high cost of new machinery?  Consider ACE’s remanufactured complete machine option. Like our air end exchanges, the ACE engineering group will design a remanufactured machine to your specifications ensuring you get the aerodynamic performance you want.  New and/or remanufactured internal components are typically available – just let us know your preference.  External to the machine, all componentry is inspected to ensure a quality package is provided every time.  To go a step further, we’ve even had customers mistake our remanufactured machines for new!  Our complete machines are assembled by ACE skilled technicians following a documented procedure to ensure a quality synonymous with the ACE name.  As with air end exchanges and overhauls, ACE complete machines carry a full one (1) year warranty. Don’t place the order for that new equipment just yet.  Give us a call to see if we have a remanufactured alternative.


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