After looking to the future of centrifugal oil free compressor work, ACE Compressor Services is proud to announce that we have added Atlas Copco to the line of centrifugal machines we cover.  ZH9000

After many customer requests for help with these units, we felt it was finally time to add this capability to be able to give them the options they have asked for.

This was no easy task. In order to take on a complete new line of machines and support it properly, we set a goal for ourselves to be able to offer a full line of parts, repair and services comparable to our offerings on the CENTAC and Cameron line.

And now that we have parts in stock, several overhauls under our belt and our staff of compressor service technicians trained, we are ready to offer this capability to our entire customer base.

With delivery times and customer support that are second to none, let ACE show you what is possible.


* ZH4000    * ZH6000    * ZH9000

* ZH7000    *ZH10000    *ZH15000


·         Bearings – Tilt , Plain, Flex, & Thurst

·         Filters

·         Demisters

·         Bullgears

·         Seals – Carbon and Aluminum Labyrinth

·         Rotor Assemblies

·         Maintenance Kits

·         Differential Pressure Transducer

·         Pressure Transducers

·         New Coolers

·         Clean, Test, Repair Coolers

·         Pump Rebuild Kits

·         Oil Pump

·         Gasket Kits

All parts and repairs carry a 1 year warranty.  We can extend that warranty to 2 years when you sign up for our Air Maintenance Program.

For more details on this program, please contact our sales team.