The Patriot Controller series can replace almost any standard air compressor controller. It is a non-proprietary controller option that can replace the Elektronikon, CMC, MP3, Quad 2000 and just about any other modern controller. It can be used on any centrifugal compressor, as well as any screw compressors. The Patriot controller line is offered as a complete control panel solution or a plug and play type for quick installation.

The A.C.E. Patriot Controller provides the most efficient operation of a centrifugal compressor in the constant pressure mode. The Allen-Bradley PanelView 10” color touch screen interface allows for easy operation and viewing and comes standard on the Patriot. The Patriot Pro uses an integrated 10” color touchscreen and controller to replace any screw compressor controller providing simplified configuration and multiple protocols for remote monitoring and communication to plant systems. Compressors that utilize Patriot Controllers typically save about 3%-5% power on average.

The Patriot Sentinel is a utilities monitoring and trending unit that can monitor, track and trend plant utilities for a unit, process or facility.  The notifications can help to prevent down time by alerting the operators of needed maintenance. Additionally, plants can see where air is being used, how it is being used, and how much it is costing to produce.

The best part? These products will lead to cost savings. Our Patriot Controllers are designed to help keep your machine running efficiently and reduce the costs of operation. If you’re not using a Patriot product, there could be a lot of energy, and money, you could be saving.

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Patriot Plus Controller

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