Patriot Sentinel

The Patriot Sentinel is a monitoring system that will monitor and record data from various areas of your system to provide qualitative data on the operation and health of the system, whether it is water usage, air usage or energy usage. Think of it as a continuous, real-time audit you can easily monitor to determine inefficiencies or identify problems such as leaks, open valves, or otherwise faulty equipment.

The data will be made available to the plants internal SCADA system so that not only local data displays will be available, but the plant’s operations will have the data to process as their needs are determined. This will provide real-time data to make decisions based on plant air requirements and historical data to revise operations by seeing where air and other elements are being wasted.

Provisions for offsite database archive and third-party monitoring will be available to enhance the reliability of your system. This will be managed to allow for different levels of service from basic archiving of data to the actual monitoring and notification to key personnel of system issues before they become problems. These notifications can save down production time by providing for the scheduling of maintenance.

The Patriot Sentinel can effectively monitor in real-time:

• Air Usage
• Water Usage
• Energy Usage
• & More

The Patriot Sentinel includes:

• A reliable hardened HMI/PLC Unitronics UniStream system or Allen Bradley HMI/PLC.
• Easy to operate configuration.
• Display of KPIs through the HMI and available through remote devices such as a cell phone, Tablet, or PC.
• Secure transmission of offsite data to the database.
• Easy connectivity to existing instrumentation, or compressor controllers.
• Ethernet /IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP.
• Availability of standardized instrumentation to accomplish the monitoring tasks:
      • Pressure Transmitter
      • Flow Transmitter
      • Power Metering
      • Temperature
      • Bypass Valve Position
      • Inlet Valve Position
      • Filter Differential Pressure
      • Inlet Valve Position
      • Filter Differential Pressure