At A.C.E., we are truly your one stop shop for anything and everything related to your compressor system. We offer compressor repair for all Ingersoll Rand, Centac, Joy, Cooper, Cameron, Atlas Copco, Clark-Isopac, Dresser Rand, Worthington and FS Elliot compressors.

In our years of experience, we’ve overhauled, repaired and maintained just about every unit under the sun. Our expert mechanics can perform any service you might need, both on-site and in-house.

Services We Offer

Compressor Overhaul

Throughout our many years of service, we’ve worked on pretty much every make and model of air compressor, from minor repairs to complete overhauls. Before you spend a fortune replacing your unit, check with us to see how we can get your existing unit up and running just like new. In many cases, your compressor might even run better than it did on day one! Find out more or contact a member of our sales staff with any questions you might have.

Compressor Repair

Sometimes, compressor issues require a little repair work or maintenance. For that, we have you covered! As with our overhauls, we can also repair any compressor out there, including Atlas Copco® machines. Before you contact the OEM, why don’t you give us a call! We can probably get the job done faster, so your down time is minimized and you don’t suffer any work lost. Learn more about our repair work or give us a call  to find out what solutions we can offer you.

Compressor Maintenance

The best way to prevent lost time is to make sure your compressor is regularly maintained. Just like every other machine in the world, the better care you take of it, the better it will perform and longer it will last. We offer all kinds of preventative maintenance services to keep your unit running in tip-top shape. Click here to learn more, or, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any all your questions.

Ingersoll-Rand Repair
Joy Compressor Repair
Cooper Compressor Repair
Cameron Repair
Atlas Copco Repair
Worthington Creyssensac Repair
FS Elliott Repair
Dresser Rand Repair

Other Services

Remanufactured Air-End Exchange/Complete Machines

Aero Rerates – can create different flows and pressures

Air Audits

Calibrate, Replace, or Repair Vital Components:

• Inlet Bypass Valve

• Vibration Monitoring Systems

• Pressure & Temperature Switches

Non-Destructive Testing

Air Maintenance Plan (AMP)

• Preventative Services – Multi-Point Inspection of Your Compressor

RAD Reports

• Analysis of Necessary Repairs on Photographs of Your Machinery to Supplement Quotes

Cooler Thermal Performance Service (TPS) Reports

Monthly Promotion and Tech Tips


• Measure Efficiency of Cooling, Mechanical, and/or Control Systems with Detailed Analysis

Vibration Analysis

A.C.E. Service Engineers