IGV Valve

Our Revolution Inlet Guide Vanes are the only completely sealed, gear driven IGV valve on the market. It will help increase your compressor’s performance while working to preserve the integrity of your unit by reducing premature wear.

In throttled mode, IGV’s are more efficient than butterfly valves by pre-swirling the air, minimizing power consumption and allowing lower turn down. 

Our Revolution IGV will improve the performance over OEM’s such as Ingersoll-Rand®, Atlas Copco®, Cameron Joy®, Dresser® and Elliott®, which utilize linkage, cam or cable driven designs susceptible to premature wear and failure in corrosive environments.

The Revolution IGV is easy to install, easy to maintain, and will reduce the downtime of your machine keeping your plant operational.

To find out more about our A.C.E. Inlet Guide Vane’s and how they can improve the operation of your compressor system, contact a member of our sales staff today.