Deviation from Surge Point, developed by and exclusively found on the ACE Compressor Patriot LGX Controller, will provide the most efficient operation of a centrifugal compressor in the constant pressure (throttle) mode.

Surge Recognition feature will open the inlet valve, open the bypass valve approximately 50% to allow the compressor to remain in the system and then resume normal operation when the event that caused the surge is eliminated.

Surge Increment will automatically adjust the throttle limit (point at which the bypass valve opens) and then automatically reloads the compressor.

Allen-Bradley Panelview 10″ color touch screen.

Typical 3% – 5% power savings

We are proud to announce the release of our new Patriot LGX!

The Patriot LGX is the next generation in controllers for multi-stage, centrifugal compressors for maximum energy savings.  The Patriot LGX is a controls package capable of replacing the TurboLogix™ and TurboLogix™ EV controller.

Patriot LGX Advantages

  • In most cases the Patriot LGX can be installed simply by changing the PLC program and installing a new Allen Bradley HMI. No more ordering a new PLC or HMI to obtain the appropriate program.
  • All existing I/O devices can be reused = Saving You MONEY!
  • Hardware and Software are not proprietary. You have access to all the programming associated with your compressor controller. Allowing you to make the hardware changes & even software changes if you deem it necessary.

Control Screen