A.C.E. Service Engineers

At A.C.E. Compressor Parts & Service, we know compressor maintenance is critical to ensuring your unit stays up and running; helping to avoid costly downtime. As a precautionary measure, we wanted to make sure you knew about these common issues to look out for regarding your compressor’s health. In almost every case we encounter, the service calls we receive could’ve been handled with preventative maintenance calls, saving you precious time and money. Here are common things that cause compressor failure that you should be on the lookout for:

Surge History
If your unit is surging regularly it points to an issue, and the surge itself will lead to damage of the unit if not corrected.

Water Leaks
Keeping an eye on heat exchangers that can put water into the air stream is critical. Water has a severe eroding effect on the unit’s critical items. This can lead to premature wear and failure of the unit.

Check Oil Sample
A regular oil sample can not only show the condition of the oil but contaminants can give you some insight as to the unit’s overall health. Things like water can show a cooler leak and metal can show bearing issues and so on.

Any repetitive alarm or trip indicates a problem needing attention

Inventory of long lead time/critical parts
Sometimes a $100 part can take weeks to get, costing several thousand dollars in downtime or rentals. Some units have many items that are interchangeable so a small inventory can cover lots of units.

PM Program
If you can’t see a problem coming, you can’t prepare for it. Trending your compressor over time can cut down on unplanned outages. If you don’t have a preventative maintenance program in place, “right now” is always the best time to implement one.

Quality Controls
A good controller can shut a unit down at the first sign of a major issue. This can greatly reduce the cost and downtime vs. running the unit to catastrophic failure. Our Patriot Controllers do exactly that!

In the end, we know that your compressor is critical to the day to day operations of your business. And any lost time most certainly means loss of revenue, and we know you definitely have no time for down time.

If you have questions about our capabilities or about the health of your compressor, just know that we’re here when you need us. That includes 24/7 Emergency Service.