STANDARD WARRANTY (Parts & Services):

A.C.E. offers a standard one (1) – year warranty on parts and labor. The parts covered under this warranty would include any parts purchased from and installed by A.C.E. Compressors. Service covered would extend to any covered parts and/or damage qualified under the parts warranty.


Any parts sold by A.C.E. but not installed by an A.C.E. Service Technician or startup performed by an A.C.E. Service Technician will carry the standard one (1) year warranty with stipulations. The parts covered must have a seventy-two (72) hour runtime and data log sheets from this runtime period must be provided. No labor is covered under these conditions.


A.C.E. Compressor Services’ warranty is limited to the parts being free of defects in material and workmanship.  No warranty is made with respect to the operation of the final product due the inherent design of the CV0 product.


Centac, Joy, and Atlas Copco ZH Air Cooler CTR (Clean/Test/Repair): is guaranteed not to leak within one (1) year. ACE cannot warranty performance on CTR coolers. If cooler leaks within 1 year of CTR, CTR purchase price will be deducted from the price of a replacement cooler. Service is not included.

Oil Coolers and Screw Compressor Coolers (Clean/Test/Repair): is guaranteed not to leak within ninety (90) days. ACE cannot warranty performance on CTR coolers. If the cooler leaks within ninety (90) days, CTR purchase price will be deducted from the price of a replacement cooler.

Remanufactured Air Coolers: are guaranteed not to leak for a period of one (1) year. Performance cannot be guaranteed.

Conditions are as follows: 0-6 Months – Replacement of remanufactured cooler if available. If a remanufactured is not available, remanufactured purchase price will be deducted from the cost of a new cooler. 6-12 Months – Remanufactured purchase price to be deducted from cost of a new cooler – no service included.

New Coolers: 1 year warranty against leaks and on performance. If the cooler fails within 1 year, a cooler and service will be provided at no charge.

Cooler Barrel Life Time Warranty Statement: LIFE TIME WARRANTY ACE offers a life time warranty on all cooler barrels sleeved to ACE standards. This covers any repairs needed or replacement of the barrel with a similar sleeved unit as long as the customer owns the unit. Exceptions: This warranty covers the sleeving of the barrel only. No connections or flanges are covered.

ACE Compressors will not cover damage to any parts due to circumstances beyond the control of ACE.

Consequential damages are not covered by ACE Compressor Services.

As part of any overhaul, the oil system should be cleaned thoroughly. If the oil system is not cleaned to the service technician’s satisfaction, all warranties shall be voided.

An assembled unit not commissioned within 90 days would require compressor to be stored indoors in a climate controlled environment. Customer to supply seal air, oil to machine and instrument air to prevent rust from occurring.

Assembled unit must be commissioned within 180 days from closure to maintain warranty. If the compressor is not commissioned within 180 days of closure ACE requires the unit be reopened, and inspected to warrant the compressor. The expense to reopen the compressor and any damage would be the customers’ expenses.

This warranty does not cover any chemical damage as a result of any chemical cleaning process or use of highly corrosive water.

Damage caused by any outside source such as catastrophic failure of the compressor is not covered.