Improve your centrifugal compressor's performance, identify potential problems before they happen, and save money by reducing energy waste.

Patriot Control Groups

The benefits:

Easy-to-Use Interface

Monitor System to Identify Problems Before They Happen

Save Money Through Energy Conservation

We have three different types of options in our Patriot Group. Our compressor control systems, the easy to read compressor monitoring system, and our compressor control & monitoring system. Whether you are looking for easier control of your compressor, visual monitoring of your compressor, or a controller with monitoring capabilities, we have a solution for you.


Our Patriot line is designed to offer easy and intuitive control solutions to more effectively operate your air compressor. Patriot Controller & Monitoring Systems also provide solutions to improve energy management by creating a more efficient operating system. When you implement a Patriot product to your compressor, not only will it provide you with improved functionality, it will also lead to cost savings from energy conserved.

Wondering what one of our Patriot Controllers & Monitoring Systems would look like for your application? We’re happy to offer a free demo to show you in real time how one of our control solutions could help make your operation more efficient and save you money by both conserving energy and clueing you in on potential problems before it’s too late. To learn more about our Patriot Control Group or to schedule a free demo, give us a call today at 866.383.0016 or fill out the form you see here, and we’ll be in touch!