Governor’s Award Gala

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Johnnie Lee and James Koinis represented @ACE Compressor Parts & Service INC. as the previous 2018 Martha Layne Collins Excellence in International Trade award winner. They attended the Governor’s Award Gala Dec.12 to recognize and congratulate the 2019 winners for their growth and tremendous impact of exports on our region’s

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Cooler gasket

Cooler Cleaning

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1. Make sure you have a set of replacement gaskets on hand. They will need to be replaced when finished. 2. Punch mark the position of each bonnet prior to removing them. This will help with lining them up correctly when put back on. Remove both oil cooler bonnets and

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Customer Testimonial

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“We are quite happy with how our unit is running. Please pass on my thanks to all who helped us get through the mystery. Your guys here are doing a great job, and are a pleasure to work with.”– Aerospace Factory

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Do you know how to calibrate your control valve?

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VALVE CALIBRATION To check valve calibration of your control valve:1. Remove the positioner cover and locate the +  and  –  terminals on the green terminal block.2. Connect your mA driver to these terminals to generate a signal.3. Set the mA driver to 4mA – the valve should remain in its de-energized

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Old Cooler

Do you know the health of your oil system?

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When oil temperatures rise beyond acceptable levels there are a few key areas to look at in order to resolve the issue. Temperature  Verify the temperature reading is correct. This can be done with an inline thermometer or hand held digital temperature monitor. This ensures the oil temp RTD is

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